Choosing the Right Insect Killer Lamp

Whether your business is in the food industry or not, it is critical to secure the environment from flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects, as they are potential carriers of diseases and bacteria. If you are currently dealing with pest infestation, consider investing in insect killer lamps or light traps to get rid of them as soon as possible before they cause further damage. These devices typically utilize ultraviolet light to attract insects and trap them using glue boards.

This article will cover the key characteristics of an effective insect killer lamp that you should consider before purchasing one.

Core Features of an Insect Killer Lamp

A lamp’s efficiency and catch rate depend on how precise you are when determining which one to purchase. Here are some of the features you should take into account:

Energy Efficiency

An insect killer lamp is typically used throughout the day and sometimes at night, resulting in significant energy consumption that accounts for a considerable portion of the total cost. As a result, looking for an insect light trap with different settings for day and night is strongly advised, which monitors the environment to reduce energy consumption and costs. It is also essential to note that insect light traps with low-energy LED lamps can last up to three years, which is longer than a standard device. Furthermore, the low energy consumption and long lifespan reduce costs and carbon emissions.

Appeal to Flies

Choosing an insect killer lamp that flies will find appealing is critical. For example, fluorescent lamps are designed in various ways, with multiple components that change the wavelengths emitted. As a result, these lights have a limited lifespan and must be replaced frequently. On the other hand, LED lamps are designed to emit a specific wavelength of light. You may believe that light intensity is necessary, but the brightness above the ambient light is more crucial for attracting flies.

In other words, you should look for highly appealing LED lamps that are streamlined for a high catch rate to catch flies and insects more efficiently.

Area of Coverage

Before purchasing a lamp, consider the shape and size of the room where you will install it and any objects that may block the UV light. You should also look into the manufacturer’s rating and validation of area coverage and whether an accredited lab verified it. Furthermore, ensure that the device covers every corner of the room when deciding the number of units.

Contrast With Background

According to research studies, lamps on contrasting walls, such as black and white, have a higher catch rate because the contradicting effect makes them more visible to flies and other insects. If you also value appearance, you can choose different colors that will still provide a contrasting effect.

Aesthetics & Shape

Practicing good hygiene does not necessitate sacrificing the appearance of your device. For example, modern lamp designs are efficient and come in various styles and colors that blend in with the environment while standing out to these flying insects. You can also install colored panels to complement the background and hide the glue board. Moreover, you can select devices that enable you to switch between controlling and monitoring modes.

Regarding the device’s shape, wide insect killer lamps are more efficient in catching these flies than tall, narrow, or circular ones.

Service & Maintenance

Insect killer lamps require regular servicing to replace the components, so selecting a design that is easy to open and service is needed. For example, fluorescent lamps require annual maintenance because they degrade faster than LED lamps. It may jeopardize your insect control if not replaced, rendering it ineffective. On the other hand, LED lamps are a better alternative because they can last up to three years, saving you money on frequent servicing and product replacement.

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