The Ultimate Guide to Fly Control for Commercial Properties

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Having the proper preventive measures against pests is a crucial requirement for a business. After all, a pest-free commercial property is a testament to how well the business is being managed. Pest control refers to regulating or eliminating pests — such as mice, cockroaches, flies, and other insects — within a residential or commercial area. These pests pose health risks, especially for food establishments.

Flies are some of the most invasive pests found almost anywhere, and they can devastate a business in more than one way. For instance, fly infestations in business establishments may suggest unsanitary conditions in the vicinity, driving away customers and attracting negative attention from authorities and other concerned parties.

Managing Flies in Commercial Food Establishments

Several types of flies can act as disease carriers, contaminating food and hygienic surfaces. This can easily threaten the health of both customers and employees. Some illnesses that flies bring include food poisoning and dysentery, an infection of the intestines that causes diarrhea with traces of blood and mucus.

This year, we have an increase in fly activity due to the rising amount of trash, warmer weather, and more rainfall. So, businesses and food establishments must have fly control methods.

Sanitize Your Area Regularly

Proper sanitation is the first and one of the most crucial aspects of fly control. It includes regular sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping of floors.

For offices, improperly managed food waste can easily invite rodents and flies, so be sure to have a regularly scheduled cleanup. For commercial kitchens, using natural cleaners when mopping the floor is encouraged to eliminate the potential breeding sites of pests. Meanwhile, other business facilities should dispose of garbage in trash containers with lids.

Declutter Your Property Grounds

Often, flies and other insects find clutter and junk to be conducive breeding and nesting grounds. The more unkempt an area is, the more difficult it is to deter the spread of pests. To prevent an unmanageable scenario, regular decluttering is a must.

Personnel should clear out non-essential items regularly. Vegetation around the property should also be trimmed to avoid attracting more and bigger pests and critters. In kitchens and food establishments, it is even more vital to routinely discard expired or spoiled products to prevent contamination and poisoning.

In general, decluttering is just as important as implementing a regular cleaning schedule because these practices help prevent the trash from stockpiling and reduce the chances of pests settling in and making themselves at home.

Store Your Perishables Properly

Exposed perishables and other food items are like an all-you-can-eat buffet for flies and other pests. So, when storing perishables, it is recommended that you use airtight plastic containers. This way, flies do not have access to the ingredients, so the risk of food poisoning and other health problems is lessened.

For food businesses, proper food storage is like wearing a clean haircut and the right clothes for the occasion. In addition, it promotes a good image of the brand and the safety of the customers and the employees.

Use Insect-Killing Products

Having insect-killing products like insect light traps and insect electrocutors can be very convenient for business establishments. These products are very efficient tools for fly control and help keep pests at bay by trapping and killing them. Industries like food processing, healthcare, restaurants, and supermarkets benefit the most from these technologies.

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