Fruit Fly Spray : Concentrate and Ready-to-Use

Earth Friendly T


  • 25b EPA exempt
  • Great for use in foaming applications – no foaming agent needed!
  • Simplifies chemical rotation – no reapplication wait time.
  • Can be used indoors directly on food processing equipment and food prep surfaces.
  • Concentrate can be used with any foamer or sprayer. Just mix with water in 1:9 ratio for maximum effectiveness.
  • Effective against: Fruit flies, Drain flies, Mites, Ladybugs, House flies, Fleas, Ticks and Wasps
  • Concentrate Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Ready-to-use Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Gardner’s FlyWeb Fruit Fly Spray will significantly reduce small fly issues. Simply foam and spray countertops, back bar areas – anywhere fruit flies and larvae harbor. Available in 12.8 fl. oz. bottles or 5 gallon drum which can be mixed with water in any sprayer or foamer. Also available in a 22 fl. oz. ready to use spray bottle.

Listed below are detailed suggestions for use of FlyWeb Fruit Fly Spray in kitchens, back of bar areas and trash areas.

  1. Foam all sink drains thoroughly. Let foam set for 45-60 minutes.
  2. Foam drain line on soda or beer dispensers.
  3. Foam drain lines of ice makers.
  4. Foam floor drains.
  5. Spray all cracks or crevasses around stainless steel equipment.
  6. Spray all stainless or food surfaces.
  7. Foam interior of trash cans and compactors to kill fruit fly larvae.