• Size & Range: 2 feet in length; 12” x 22” glue boards with shatter proof bulbs have a 1250 sq. feet range to attract and catch bugs – wide range for increased effectiveness.
  • Unique Design: The wall mount insect trap conforms to IP 65 rating, is water proof & dust proof, while the glue boards are coated with extremely sticky adhesive – immediately catches bugs, promotes a cleaner and a safer environment.
  • Easy to Install: Built in mounting slots guide and help with mounting and levelling for easy installation and use.
  • Multi-Use: Recommended and approved by health inspectors, can be used for industrial and commercial applications, construction sites, warehouses, food processing plants and any place where keeping insects out is important for your operation.
  • Made in USA: Made with high quality commercial grade stainless steel, is durable, withstands harsh elements and lasts longer.

Gardner iFly40 UV Fly Light Insect Trap, Wall Mounted Adhesive Glue Board for Industrial & Commercial Applications (2 Feet)

Flies and bugs are naturally attracted to Ultraviolet light or fly pheromones – once attracted by UV Rays, they immediately stick to our glue boards promoting a cleaner and a safer environment. This waterproof, dustproof, stainless steel insect trap is chemical free and has a wide coverage range of 1250 sq. feet – the only 2 feet Wall Mounted Adhesive Trap in the market – perfect for larger commercial and industrial spaces.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dust proof, waterproof and chemical free
  • Designed and manufactured in USA
  • Made with heavy duty stainless for increased durability
  • Shatterproof bulbs
  • Energy-efficient U.V. insect lamps (2 – 20 watt)
  • Perfect for commercial use, industrial complexes, warehouses and food processing plants
  • Recommended and Approved by Health Inspectors
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Length:2 feet
  • Glue boards:12” x 22”
  • UV light output: 40 watts
  • Attraction range: 1250 sq. ft.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! At Gardner, we are proud to be a homegrown American company. Since 1928 our products have been designed and manufactured in USA. We believe in our products and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product please reach out to us and we will do what’s needed to exceed your expectations.