What To Look For in Insect Light Traps

Insect light traps are a form of pest control; having one secures your environment from flies and other flying insects. Most of these use ultraviolet light to attract insects and a glueboard to trap and kill them. Unfortunately, flies and other insects bring diseases, so investing in insect light traps is crucial before damage to your health or business is made.

What To Consider When Choosing an Insect Light Trap

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Here are the things you should remember when selecting an insect light trap for your applications.

Attractiveness to Flies

The most important thing to remember when choosing an insect light trap is to select one that easily attracts flies and other insects. Blue light is proven effective because a fly’s eyes have a photoreceptor that responds to ultraviolet rays. So, when choosing an insect light trap, consider those that emit bright ultraviolet light. For instance, Gardner Products’ IP65-rated ANACONDA features two 20-watt UV lamps that are shatter-proof.

Energy Efficiency

Insect light traps are typically left on for hours and used throughout the day and night. So, when choosing an insect light trap, you must be mindful of its energy efficiency. Choose an insect light trap that uses low-energy UV lamps to minimize energy consumption and reduce running costs. To get you started, the FlyWeb Classic consumes 9 watts and effectively attracts all flying insects.


The shape is also worth considering when choosing an insect light trap because flies and other insects are attracted to wide light traps compared to tall, narrow, or circular ones. This is because the shape of an insect light trap influences the effect of the light that it emits.

Flies and insects are more attracted to bands of light emitted from a horizontally wide light trap because this imitates the shape and effect of natural light.

Contrast With the Background

Studies show that insect light traps that contrast nicely with their background are more effective than those that blend in. This is because flies and other insects notice an insect light trap better if it stands out. So, pick an insect light trap with a color contrasting its background.

Easy To Maintain

Like other equipment, insect light traps need maintenance to replace the lamps and glueboards. So, the design of the insect light trap must allow it to be opened and maintained easily. Gardner Products offers items with no glueboard replacement costs. You may also look at products like the AG-969, which comes with a detachable tray that enables quick access for disposal.

Different Types of Insect Light Traps

The effectiveness of an insect light trap does not solely depend on these characteristics. There are also different types of insect light traps that are more effective depending on the layout of the infested area.

Wall-Mounted Insect Light Trap

Wall-mounted insect light traps are typically placed about 3 to 5 feet from the floor because this is the height where flies and other flying insects usually travel. This insect light trap is well-suited for businesses and healthcare establishments that require continuous fly control.

Wall-Sconce Insect Light Trap

Although similar to a wall-mounted insect light trap, this type is placed 6 feet above the ground. It acts as a decorative piece while catching flying insects in high-traffic and public or commercial areas. Because of its design, wall-sconce insect light traps work great for restaurant entryways and hospital waiting rooms.

Ceiling-Mounted Insect Light Trap

A ceiling-mounted light trap is placed higher than a wall-sconce and wall-mounted insect light trap. This type is set 8 feet above the ground and works well for homes or workspaces because it keeps flies and insects away from eye level.

Freestanding Insect Light Trap

Freestanding types provide excellent flexibility for homeowners and businesses who need fly control in various rooms. Since it is portable, it can be placed between shelves, counters, or wherever there is a fly infestation.

Get the Best Insect Light Trap With Gardner!

Gardner Products offers a variety of insect light traps for restaurants, supermarkets, food processing industries, and healthcare establishments. Our line of products includes industrial-grade UV light traps that are portable or suited for indoor and outdoor use. Some of our insect light traps are also easy on the eyes; they are compact, attractive, and effective! In addition, all our offerings are durable and energy efficient.

Let us help you find the right insect light trap! Get in touch with us today for your fly control needs.